trying something new…

I’ve never really blogged before,it almost seems unnatural to share an idea that seems pretentious to speak about. I often wonder if people in our society share information because they see a value in it, or is it because we see a value in being popular?  I’d hate to share something amazing just so i can gain a friend, it makes me realize how many people don’t have a personality to offer and depend on a third party to magnify traits they conjure through watching so much crap in the media.

we don’t have originals anymore the Dylan’s, The ted turners, the steve jobs, I mean sure we have people doing things that are extraordinary but why does it feel like the magic is gone? is it because we are no longer genuine about it? or have we lost our honesty? Or maybe, just maybe, our values are being traded for a phone, a high on technology, and an enslavement to information, making us numb to the values that once gave innovation a personality and gave genius a fun look rather than a desperate one.

then again I live in a place where sharing this ignorant or insightful comment does not get you beheaded and for that i am eternally grateful, but as of recent i decided to start coding,treat the world as Adam(biblical character) saw it fit, as his. I believe in the near future I can make a mark in the world because I am stupid enough to think so and crazy enough to believe so.

And I believe it’s time a generation can emerge where we can put values back into our creations and not trade our humanity for it but enhance it for a better tomorrow….

that was a refreshing first blog….thanks for reading guys.

trying something new…